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Our little island is home to many artists and makers. Find out about them and where you can purchase unique gifts and memories of Coochiemudlo Island. 


Coochiemudlo has a very active community of skilled artist and artisans - some have their work for sale, open their studio or carry out workshops on the island. 


To enquire about visiting his studio, please call or SMS Richard on 0450 039 320 to organise a suitable time during your stay on the island. Purchase an original design or co-create individual pieces to your requirements which can be posted to you on completion.

For more information visit 

is a handmade artisan jewellery studio operating on Coochiemudlo Island and open by appointment.
Richard specialises in sterling silver and copper combined with repurposed materials such as vintage linoleum and stingray leather, and his work is regularly available at the island markets and Red Rock Café.

or find him on 

His best shots are available on canvas at the Red Rock Café or on selected market days. You can also follow and contact him on his Facebook page or on Instagram @rumtime. Take home a special memory of your time on Coochiemudlo Island. 

Gary also supplied many of the photos on this website. 

See some of his amazing wildlife photography.


Gary Sheehy is a talented photographer and captures the wildlife and nature of Coochie like no one else. 

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Arts & Craft 

Check our events page for the next 

Coochie Handmade PopUp Markets!


Jacqui weaves baskets and sculptural pieces using local vines, declared weeds such as morning glory and cat’s claw vine, also garden prunings and other natural fibres.

"I enjoy gathering the materials and spending time in the local bush just being in nature," Jacqui says. 
"The weaving itself is meditative and healing. Weaving with natural fibres takes away ideas of perfection, as the vines twist and bend in their own ways, so that each piece is unique.

"I also enjoy facilitating weaving workshops." Phone 0401 308 300.


The Wrights have been living on Coochie for more than 20 years. After closing down their successful small gallery some years ago, they are still working with other galleries in South East Queensland to showcase their pottery, sculptures and paintings.

As a painter, Denise works with acrylics and coloured inks. Pieces of their work can be purchased on selected Coochiemudlo market and open studio days.

CANDLES ON COOCHIE was established on Coochiemudlo Island in 2011 by Helen and Len Turner, who make candles, tealights and melts by hand from environmentally friendly soy wax in a very large range of colours and fragrances.

Their products can be purchased at Red Rock Café or by special order directly from Helen, the candlemaker.

Gift wrapping is free of charge.

Glass containers are also recycled with a refund offered on those returned by customers.

phone 0437 530 078 or 

Contact via Facebook


Trish and Elissa Miller are experienced bead artists specialising in bead embroidery and beadweaving. Since moving to the island, they have been inspired by the environment to begin a collection "Gifts from the Sea". They have an exhibition space at Ferry Park Gallery, Maclean, NSW, participate in selected markets on Coochiemudlo and are available for commissions of wearable pieces as seen at the markets. Contact Trish 0401 366 440

or Elissa 0491 133 043


Catherine Bishop is a versatile artist who regularly captures the sights of Coochiemudlo and the beautiful light and colours we see on the island.

You can see and purchase her art on Coochiemudlo foreshore and handmade markets.  


Annie Chatting-Smith makes colourful, fragrant soy-wax candles, melts and soaps, but also chemical-free cleaning products and a DEET-free 'Mozzie-off Cocktail' that is very popular with the locals on Coochiemudlo.

Her productions are available at the Coochie Kiosk and the Red Rock Café. You can contact Annie via Facebook

or by phone at 0416 378 866

or 38 209384 

and you can find her at the Coochie Handmade Events

Made on Coochiemudlo Island

Made with Love

AUTHOR, ARTIST AND PUBLISHER MICHAEL BURGE lives and works on Coochiemudlo Island. 

He produced  the island's VoiceMap tour ,

described as an "ongoing conversation to interpret and understand this unique landscape."

For more information on current books and art for sale, visit  Michael's website  or  Facebook .

Nikki Cornwall from Coochie Boat Hire has always had great interest in photography and graphic design. 
She is putting her self-taught skills to use with the design of this website, on social media and with exclusive t-shirt designs for custom shirts available on redbubble


Millie has practised art for over 35 years. In addition to her home studio, Millie sees the landscape of Coochiemudlo Island as her ideal place to paint. 

“I love to sit on the beach and watch the colour changes in the sunrise and sunset, and mentally choose the colours that would match nature,” she says. Millie has a particular interest in painting the landscape but also still lifes that reflect her personal surroundings. She likes to paint in a few different styles and her favourite mediums are oils and watercolour.

Millie’s work can be purchased via her gallery on Bluethumb and Etsy.

She can be contacted via FacebookInstagram and her blog.

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