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When we have gotten used to certain things and places, sometimes, change can be hard. At first sight, the new thing might not be up to our expectations, or just not be what we wanted at all. 

Even with the best of community consultation, a new park feature, a business venture or other changes to a place will often upset some and surprise others. 

Of course, then there is also simply no pleasing some people…

Visitors discovering or re-discovering Coochiemudlo this year, will find new colours, choices and names and soon, and a bit more inclusivity right next to the same sandy beaches and the green of our Emerald Fringe. With the same overall charm of the island. 

So what’s the changes? What’s new on Coochiemudlo?

After the RED ROCK CAFE at the beginning of the year, the former ‘Coochie Beach Resort’ is now under new management with a new name - OASIS ON COOCHIEMUDLO – for brand new beginnings. The first visitor reviews sound great, and they have already hosted a few successful functions. Starting this week, a takeaway menu has been introduced for weekdays. Make sure to follow the new facebook page for OASIS ON COOCHIEMUDLO to be in the know of what they do next. 

On Saturday, 24th November – a Trivia Quiz Night with the Progress Association at the Oasis will raise funds for the purchase of defibrillators for the island ferry and barge. Many Coochie residents are already signed up and excited to have a go at what will hopefully become a new regular event for community causes! 

Places are limited, get in quick if you want to be part of it, call Roger for 

Enquiries and tickets: 0448 528 863

Closer to the jetty, the COOCHIEMUDLO ISLAND KIOSK has undergone a serious face-lift in the last months for a fresh look and some new ideas. Further works and changes might be in the air, but it has been well received already, by both visitors and residents.

Back for the season are also the popularFriday Night Dinners –

casual dining al fresco, including on the new deck! 

If you are staying overnight, you can usually order the menu as take-away if you want to be cosy at home.. Check their facebook page for the menu and make sure to book your table.

On the foreshore, the Redland City Council, with the help of contractors, has been busy implementing more planned improvements to make a visit to Coochiemudlo more accessible for all. A smooth, cemented footpath is now stretching along all of Main Beach from the Boat Ramp, all the way to the corner of Norfolk Beach, allowing wheelchair users, and people with prams and strollers a comfortable promenade along the shore.  And, in time for the commemorations on Nov 11th, “ A Place for Reflection” at the ANZAC monument was installed to allow for thought and contemplation, with a row of sandstones inviting to sit and rest.

The Playground has gotten new, attractive play elements that find a lot of use by local and visiting children every day already. 

And finally, the toilet block next to it is currently getting a complete refit and will include a spacious disability toilet and change area. While the works are underway, temporary facilities are set up near by, and of course there are toilet blocks at the boat ramp, on Morwong Beach and Norfolk Beach as well. 

We hope people will embrace the new looks, new features and new ideas on Coochiemudlo this summer season. Come and make your own memories, relax and have fun.

Coochie is a special place on the Redlands Coast.

And that will never change.

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