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Hands across our island

Artists and artisans have long been drawn to the quiet life on Coochiemudlo Island, but it’s not all lazy days at the easel or the potting wheel! Behind the fringe of green that surrounds this patch of Moreton Bay there’s always been a hive of creative industry, and now you have a chance to benefit from all the hard work.

This year, a cluster of artists is working towards a very special event on Saturday, December 17, 11am-3pm at Red Rock Café, right at the island’s Main Beach just a minute’s walk from the jetty.

Coochie Handmade Christmas is an initiative of island artisans whose creative work springs right from their own hands. Truly handmade, local work has become a rare commodity in modern economies, but in places like Coochiemudlo Island you’ll find people still crafting all manner of products for the home, body and soul.

Jacqui Cresswell is a well known fibre artist who’s lived on Coochie for many years. She creates a range of baskets, sculptural pieces and limited-edition special items such as rattles, using natural fibres found here on the island, including many declared weeds.

“I enjoy the process of walking around the island gathering vines, and these fibres produce unique shapes which makes every piece different and interesting,” Jacqui says.

Silversmith Richard Moon creates handmade jewellery and flatware, combining sterling silver with a range of repurposed materials like vintage linoleum, glass and stingray leather. He’s operated his studio on Coochie for two years and regularly sells his work at the big city markets of Brisbane, but he loves the chance of selling locally.

“The handmade element of my work is something I am very passionate about,” he says, “but so is the local aspect. I love any chance to share my work with Moreton Bay visitors and locals, who often tell me how pleased they are to be able to buy original and unique work without having to travel too far.”

Denise and Viv Wright have lived on the island for more than two decades and in that time they’ve become legends in the local creative scene with their pottery, sculptures and paintings. Coochie Handmade Christmas is a very rare opportunity to buy work directly from this renowned pair.

Other painters, sculptors, candle-makers, photographers, authors and creatives regularly sell their work through Red Rock Café, all of which will be available to purchase.

For Christmas shoppers, this is a chance to escape the rush of the shopping mall and head to a nearby island to select gifts in a more relaxed environment, with food, views, sea breezes and swimming to boot! High tide falls right at lunchtime on Saturday December 17, so bring your swimmers and do some last-minute gift-sourcing on the same trip.

The island is just a seven-minute ferry ride from Victoria Point on the mainland and lunch at the café is a well-known treat. EFTPOS facilities are available. See you over here!

For more information on the artists, please call Michael on 0400 977 816.

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